Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jawin' At The Coffee Shop

They sat in a smoky dusk watching traffic.  Caffeine in their cups and cigarettes jammed between fingers covered in grime and scars. They laughed about anything, just jawing' at the coffee shop.


The Silly Things

Just love me
shells and the sea

damp summer on a bubble gum day
candy in your eyes

love me
yellow petal and a bee

sugar tongue
love me a little

autumn comes
throwing rainbow trees

kiss me
lips like flames
love me

shiny penny moon
snow on the beach
love me
i'm an angel 

i saw you 
i am stuck on 
you saw me too
love me?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts From The Shower

My heart is broken it's like a stone
i tossed it to the sea
watching the rings run

i threw my shredded soul to the sky
watching its ribbon spirit fly
straight to the sun

you never said goodbye to me
you were something, then you were none
i watch the rings run and my soul catch fire in the sun

Monday, October 1, 2012

It Never Ends

I know i've gone too far

so i ask 
what will you do
with the scars i carved on you

you won't tell me how it hurts
you won't tell me that i'm cruel
but i know i've gone too far
every time i look at you

what if i make a promise
a promise that is true
written in love letters i address to you

but i think i've gone too far
silence kills our laughter
what will you do
with the scars i carved on you

tell me that i'm cruel
let those letters burn
just burn the love i wrote to you

can you see a happy ending
do you find me cruel
for the love i took from you


October sends wind to rip colorful leaves from the limbs. I rush through changing woods to find a place among half-buried stone where I watch swirling leaves fall. 

I am riding the dirt bike like a cautious bandit, getting better, bolder, and more secure. Maybe next year I'll wend through rippling autumn on a little motorcycle.