Sunday, December 30, 2012

We were swaying on our feet and holding hands yesterday
my head against your chin

you looked so happy, she said, you really did
then our coffee came and she stirred hers up
started talking about her hair

i am wondering how long it will last
you know, the lightning inside
an early sinking sun caught my eye
cherry red and fading

i set my wishes on a rippling December river washing away
things have stopped making sense to me

a new year and a fresh chance to dream
and i will

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Now And Then

Honey tongue and hungry eyes
carve me
arms wide i am waiting and waiting

scar me 
shooting star on the night

kisses like sunrise stain me

but a banshee wind whips
doubt crashes in while her cold hair flies wild and white
we shattered
again and again and again
over forgotten things 

a cold fireplace
separate chairs
buds that never bloomed


I am just not feeling it lately. But i know the slamming heartbeat and shining eyes. The vibrant stuff of life. 

The realtor couldn't unlock the box. Tired of crunching through the snow, I offered to slip through a window. Slip I did as I pushed feet-first through a missing pane of glass. 

The house immediately lost the appeal I had heaped on it -- a big bright room for a photo studio, stone foundation, rustic woods all around, a beautiful fireplace.

One Internet picture after another drew a pretty scene of a cottage in the woods. The whole thing all together as I wandered from one inexplicable space to another, was a stupid mess. Crunching back to the Bronco I felt my mood crashing. There was no way I could breathe a spec of life into this daydream.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That Telephone I Threw At You Wasn't Fair

I saw the lake's early shine through bare trees.
sunlight on glass
day breaking 

ripples crashing
caramel on water

i sat in a cold basement alone
breath misting
i knew what you meant to me
i'm breaking

glass promises
sticky dreams

you're gone


That telephone I threw at you wasn't fair
i'm sorry
but love, it's on its own ticker
and anger
like sunsets or a shrinking moon
is there
and not always fair