Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ink babble, and a lot of it…

Can you put it together
add light to the stars

can you see it in pieces
bringing shine to a pearl

a poem a song a prayer
from a girl


look, i just sit alone
with a pen and drinking wine

you made me happy
like everything new

sunshine and rainbows
and god damn summer dew


do you keep the bottle
and all my bleeding notes

do you feel happy
the smell of cigarettes in the rain and old smoke

i still wear your sweater 
in a silver fall rain

we wait for darkness 
for the end of a day


it's spartan in here
i guess you can't see
a pastel plaster corner
where i kept no TV

propped up on coke and war memories
you threw Johnny Walker at the door

listening to music
who plays this peace creep stuff anyway


love's a cold weather game
giving out little bits of heart
little broken crumbs


Stars were sliding slowly on a blackened sky while small and far below i waited for a sound or spark or hint of light.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Light n Sweet

You live like a ripple
i live like a stone

i can't think about you
all i do is cry
i just want to touch you
i want to feel whole

i dream your name as i sleep
like it's something i stole
your eyes shine with longing
i should have given you control

but if i think about you
something crumbles inside
i remember your laughter
soft cotton laughter

i live like a shadow
you live like the sky

but one day i'll find you
one day i won't cry